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- I pulled a muscle in my quad last night at softball.  It was partially my fault for not stretching well enough before the game, but it didn’t help that my third base coach was talking to people in the dug out so I didn’t know how hard I needed to be running.  Turns out I didn’t need to be going full out like I was, so this situation rubs me a little raw…

- A paper I’m second author on was submitted this past weekend and I should be excited for it, but I’m more meh.  The longer I’ve been in grad school the more I just don’t give two shits about stuff.  It was like after my orals when all I felt was, “well I’m glad that stupid shit is over.” I didn’t have that great sense of accomplishment or excitement that most people have.

- My inner nerd is nerding out hard because I stumbled onto the Gunpla subreddit last week.  Yup back when I was 13 or so I built like 3 or 4 Gundam model kits and now I kind of want to do another one. 

- In other random news the Gf and I will be going to the nearby zoo within the next month or so.  I’m excited since I’ve not been to a zoo in probably 10 years.

- Last but not least, if you do a 14.5 mile bike ride on mostly gravel your butt will hurt.  Both the Gf and I learned this the hard way this past weekend.  I’d still do another one in a heartbeat though :)

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Thoughts and Updates

- I think we all have those bands/musicians that we can just put on and enjoy what ever ends up playing. For me it’s bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Tom Petty, and maybe the Foo Fighters.  Recently I’ve realized that I need to add Incubus to that list. I have pretty much their whole discography and I’ve just been letting it play at random while I work. For me it makes good lab music.

- I increased my max squat 15 pounds up to 235 pounds last week.  I am pleased with this all.

- Since my adviser has been in Italy for the past 10 days or so I’ve taken the time to get better at programing in LabView. That effort has paid off, and I’ve been able to make my programs I use much more powerful.

- I’ve been trying to figure out a good analogy for how I feel about grad school right now, but I’ve been failing at it.  Basically I’ve hit the point where I think I’ve gained all the skills I’m going to gain from this group and I would like to move on to something else (aka graduate), but I still need to get more data for a dissertation.  Hopefully by the end of this summer I will have two pubs to my name (a second author and a first author, and yes I do work in a group that is somewhat slow on pubs).

Anyways that’s just a bit of rambling and updates.


Rottweiler puppie / / Tobias Wiens
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Rottweiler puppie / /


"no no human, like this"
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"no no human, like this"

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Your move, Coachella. #checkmate
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Your move, Coachella. #checkmate

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Emma Stone attends the World Premiere of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ at Odeon Leicester Square on April 10, 2014 in London